Friday, 20 July 2012

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Introducing Loyalty Points at
We would like to reward our customers loyalty.The scheme is designed to reward on-line shoppers with loyalty points which can later be redeemed for money off future purchases.
  • For every £1 spent you get One loyalty point
  • 100 points gives you a £5 saving
  • 200 points gives you a £10 saving
During the checkout process you will automatically be given the opportunity to redeem your loyalty points.
The points are stored against your on-line login name so please remember to use the same login for every order.

Personal details changed? - Don't worry, simply change the details when you log in to your account.
To view your points balance, just log in to your account at customer login.
  • How much is a point worth? Each point is worth 0.05p
  • How many points should a customer have before they can redeem them? 50
  • How long are the points valid for? 6 months
This is based on their last order date, so every order will extend the validality of the points for this amount.
So for example if a customer has 100 points which expire next month but they place an order today it will extend the validaity of their first 100 points plus their new points for another 6 months. reserve the right to alter or change the terms and conditions of the loyalty point scheme at any time.

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