Tuesday, 1 May 2012

teddy bear clothes Pink Raincoat with Hat Boots

Teddy bear outfit of the day Pink Raincoat with Hat Boots

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Build your Bears Wardrobe™ teddy bear clothes are a compatible fit for 14-16" build a bear, The bear factory bears and many more make your own bear brands.

Build your Bears Wardrobe™ has probably the best selection of teddy bear clothing, shoes, boots and accessories you have seen!
Grizzly Bear Jokes
  • Q: What do you call a Grizzly Bear caught in the rain ?
  • A: A Drizzly Bear
  • Q: Why does a Grizzly Bear have a thick fur coat ?
  • A: Because it would look very silly in a plastic mac
  • A Grizzly bear goes in to a bar and asks: "May I have an orange juice ........................ and lemonade, please ?"
    The barman prepares the drink saying "Of course, but why the big pause?"
    The Grizzly Bear replies "I don't really know, I've always had them!"

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